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Our experience shows that well-planned marketing activities are crucial for the existence and development of companies. At the same time, we believe that the effectiveness of marketing, which determines success in business, depends on the people behind it. That’s why we created a marketing agency whose solid foundation is people and their competencies.


Who are the founders of DPPG Marketing?

Dariusz Pilch and Patryk Grzędziński are creative individuals and daring marketing enthusiasts. They are two completely different personality types whose character traits, knowledge, and competencies complement each other perfectly. On one hand, an enthusiastic visionary and strategist who enjoys new challenges, motivates, and encourages action. On the other hand, an observant and inquisitive analyst who firmly stands on the ground, finding solutions for every situation.

DPPG is made up ofspecialists

Our team consists of a group of specialists from various fields, including marketers, copywriters, graphic designers, and programmers. Our knowledge and over 18 years of experience in marketing form a solid foundation that we use to help entrepreneurs in the challenging market competition. Together, we work towards the success of our clients, giving our best.

We provide support for entrepreneurs and companies

We drive growth, set directions, and define goals. We plan marketing activities that translate into tangible results. We provide a ready plan and tools for achieving success.

We assist companies in entering the market, gaining a competitive advantage, rebranding, and overcoming crises.

We offer unconventional and innovative solutions. Our comprehensive marketing services are perfectly tailored to the current needs of each brand.

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